Bandits Bandana - "LIFE IN FLIGHT"
Bandits Bandana - "LIFE IN FLIGHT"
Bandits Bandana - "LIFE IN FLIGHT"
Bandits Bandana - "LIFE IN FLIGHT"

Bandits Bandana - "LIFE IN FLIGHT"

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The Artist: REAL FUN, WOW! (Ojai, CA)

10% of sales go to the Charity: Ojai Valley Land Conservancy (Ojai, CA)

The Design: "Life in Flight"

In the Ojai Valley, there is a daily phenomenon known locally as the "Pink Moment." As the sun sets at dusk, the Topa Topa mountains to the Northeast become bathed in marvelously muted tones of pink, peach, and red. This fleeting natural alpenglow is at it's most stunning from November thru February, but has been drawing folks to Ojai year-round for generations. 

Originally home to the Native Chumash, whose word for "Moon" ("Awha'y") gives the town it's name, the area has been a spiritual and cultural magnet for centuries. The Chumash believed the valley had an unquantifiable mystic energy, while others over the years have espoused evidence (to varying levels of validity) of an electromagnetic vortex generated by the area's plate tectonics. Whatever it is, the pull of Ojai is undeniable, and we're grateful to have been welcomed so warmly into this incredible community. 

With colors reminiscent of the "Pink Moment," Daren's bandana design serves as an homage to the magical Ojai Valley, and wearable reminder of nature's most majestic, uplifting phenomena.    

Size:     21" x 21"

Fabric:  100% Organic Cotton, GOTS Certified and sustainably sourced in India from Chetna Organic, pre-washed for an extra soft feel

Make:   Printed, Cut, Sewn, and Packaged by hand at a Fair Trade Certified facility in Kolkata, West Bengal, India (FLOCERT FLO ID 4512)

Wash:   Hand Wash, Line or Tumble Dry, Warm Iron, Do Not Bleach

Please note that all of our bandanas are printed, cut, and sewn by hand. There may be slight variations from product to product.

Distributed by Moo-chila

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