Paño Felt Hat - American Style - BEIGE

Paño Felt Hat - American Style - BEIGE

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Our Paño Felt Hats in the American Style are a perfect hat to wear with your western and day-to-day outfits. Our hats are handcrafted in Ecuador by artisans with more than 30+ years of experience. The translation of "Paño" in Spanish is "Rug". In the early days of the creation of these style hats, the artisans shaped the felt on the crown and brims with a cast iron and a rug. All our hats are made in small batches, so do not hesitate to pick one if you see your size available.

We put an interior strap loop inside so you can hang the hat with a carabiner while you travel. Also the edge of the brim carries a wire, so you can change the shape at any time without having to use a steamer.

Materials: Sheep Wool Felt

Band: Leather and other non-leather materials.


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