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Reinventing the Boat Shoe!

Here at Moo-chila, we like to design and make all our products from scratch. We find many boat shoes with the same patterns through different brands, and we wanted to do something a little bit different for those boat shoes lovers! The Del Mar (in Spanish: From the Sea) Shoe is design with the same mold of our chukka and boots but with the cuts and details of a boat shoe. This style of shoe goes perfect with a pair of shorts, high waters or good pair of raw demin jeans. Try a pair, it won't be your last!

  • Leather: Top Grain Nubuck - Much better than Suede in Strenght & Durability.
  • Thermo-Plastic Rubber Soles that feel just like Tennis Shoes, without having to be a Thick Sole.
  • First batch of shoes with Red Soles. Perfect for Summer and Fall Outfits.
More information on why Nubuck is better than Suede:
To make the nubuck, the outer layer of the calfskin is used, then the leather has to be sanded from the outside of the skin. The nubuck is more expensive than suede most of the time. This is because the outer layer of calfskin, is tougher than the inner part used for the suede and therefore logically is stronger and will last longer. However there is a counterpart to the nubuck, because the nubuck is sanded from the outside, there maybe some apparent natural imperfections of the leather. Some might find that the imperfections give character to the nubuck, but for all the others, in order to offer a smooth and clean product, manufacturers often dye and stain the nubuck.
If you wear 9.5US, order 9US. Our leather stretches according to the width and shape of your foot.




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